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 Service Hours 7am-7pm 7-Days

Be Prepared to Answer These Questions

  • Do you need service or estimate for new installation?
  • Do you have a one car or two car garage?
  • Is your garage door made out of some kind of metal or wood?

What to expect when you contact us.

  • You will be asked how can we help you.
  • First available two hour time frame.
  • 15-60 min courtesy call available
When the Technician Arrives
  • Inspection of Garage Door and Opener
  • Available Options for repair or replacement
When the Work is Performed
  • Repairs 30-60 min
  • Opener Installations 45-90 minutes
  • Garage Door Installations 1-4 Hours
  • Swept up 
  • If Items were moved your asked if you would like them moved back
  • Visa,Mastercard,American Express or Discover
  • Check
  • Cash
  • Due on Completion
  • Receipt by Email or Paper
  • Business Card next to Garage Door or Wall Button
Parts Warranty 
  • 1 Year
  • 3 Year
  • 5 Year
  • 10 Year
Labor Warranty
  • 30 Days
  • 60 Days
  • 90 Days
  • 1 Year

Once Your Garage Door Remote is back in your hands or on your cars visor expect your door to work flawless for many years to come.